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Areas of Expertise


Counselling can offer insights and understanding to the development of emotional difficulties. It can be sought when a person is having a "problem of living" It can refer to any situation or perceived difficulty that prevents a person from getting on with their lives. It works on developing the person to live their life in a way that is meaningful and satisfying to them. It works on adopting a  better attitude towards self. It is working towards full-filling potential and integrating conflicting parts of self and opening the idea of new possibilities. This work is done through the therapeutic relationship with the counsellor through talking things through.


Psychotherapy is the intervention of methods derived from established psychological principles. Psychotherapy may give attention to each persons dominant story, looking at family background and early relationships by means of therapeutic conversations.

The relationship between the client and therapist is part of the therapy it gives space in the therapy sessions, that have a fixed time, to notice feelings that come up and to look at those thoughts and feelings, exploring new possibilities of how to relate to self and other relationships.


Psychotherapy explores unhelpful ideas and how they came to be prominent themes in a persons life. It also may explore cultural and  social influences.


My Approach

My approach is that everyone has their own individual experience of their life events. Therefore each person is unique and that is the basis of my work. Over the years I have worked with people from all walks of life, some people had particular goals they had formed and wanted help achieving them. For others I have worked with people were struggling because of early experiences, traumatic events and were trying to make sense of their world on a day-to-day basis.


The struggles people have faced may be due to illness, feelings of anxiety, difficulty in relationships, divorce, identity, sexual difficulties, loss or having feelings of separation or abandonment, traumatic events and family estrangment. 

I have worked with people that have adopted particular habits or behaviours as a way of coping with their pain and worked with them to alleviate the burden these behaviours have created in themselves and in their lives.

For me, this all comes under the umbrella of wanting something to feel better than it does, so whatever the difficulty, I think that being able to sit with the problem, can be an important part of the work I do with my clients. 

I am trained as and existential-analytic psychotherapist and therefore may draw on a variety of different psychological principles for therapy. 

My Approach
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